Like This

The purple has faded to a purer white. And the surgical eye drags the other eye along with it, so with both open I see about the same thing as I see with the right alone. But just to give you an idea what it’s like to lose a cataract:


I’m still kinda processing this.

6 thoughts on “Like This

    • The ability to resolve on things sharply is a moving target, so I’m feeling a little as if my eyes have been doing push-ups, but I have to say the extra light is a big lift.

    • This went way too long without intervention, because I delayed four months to be sure I wouldn’t be going to a surgical center across town in winter weather, and then we had a pandemic, and then the new surgeon that I decided on after reflecting on some serious misgivings about the first had a lag literally from April to September. So rarely in a first-world country do people get this blind from cataracts. It’s pretty dramatic.

    • Every day my vision changes as things settle down and I never know whether to take the one pair of glasses that works off, or put them back on, but seeing all this light is a trip.

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