Celebrity Tweets And Your Butt

It’s not like I’m alone on YouTube offering solutions to leg, back and hip pain — I lose count of the self help massage videos on there — but I had such a visceral urge to fix a butt this morning that I had to slap up this video.

What it was, was Stephen Fry Tweeting away to his legions of Tweeple — of whom I am one; how can you not subscribe to a Twitter feed that, when first viewed, is live-blogging a trip to Bayreuth? In this case, the issue was nasty, nasty leg pain of a kind I see all the time and have suffered through myself. I don’t even know where the good man was Tweeting from, but I had this mad instinct to teleport myself there and tackle the problem.

This is a pain that can develop very easily from standing/walking for long periods on hard floors, or being sandwiched into a seat and then having to get up and move quickly (think airline flights or theatrical events), and it’s really a liability of the upright posture. This trigger-point fix is the first step — then you have to notice the ways you can change your movement habits, and sometimes you need exercises to isolate the muscle. That’ll be another video, I guess.

I leave my face out of the frame if I can help it — that’s not inept video making. It’s my worst bodypart.

13 thoughts on “Celebrity Tweets And Your Butt

  1. I’m wondering if all these exercises don’t create a vicious circle. I do nothing but go for walks and occasionally heft building materials around. If something goes wrong I have a long sit down, a glass of wine and a cigar …… and I’m ancient ……..

  2. Actually, I’ve just remembered, I do have a compressed disc. When it first flared up I did use a rowing machine briefly ….. plus loads of sleep, sitting downs, glasses of wine and cigars …… and I’m even older now …..

    • Some people feel that trigger point treatment has a bit in common with that method, but it’s more precise. 🙂

      My clients have been known to throw themselves down on the table and say “Hurt me.” But then they get up and it’s gone, instead of dragging out for weeks.

  3. Well, I see plenty of people who are exercising all wrong (it happens to all of us if we are adventurous enough) and something has to be done about that.

    The thing about muscles, it’s like raising children, no matter what you do you are teaching them something. And sometimes it is not what you would intend, and loving correction is needed.

    • “Adventurous” …… oh no ……. not at all ……. no way …….. perish the thought ………
      If I ever am, by accident of course, I shall think of you as I sit on the naughty step …….

  4. Ow, ow, ow, owww. But healing pain is gooooood. I much prefer my physio to hurt me a little in the short term in order to resolve pain in the longer term 🙂

    I hope Stephen saw the tweet and watched the video, because it would certainly help alleviate the poor man’s agony.

  5. Dog and cat: cuddled on couch. Me: on dog blanket with a rubber ball cat toy under my arse. Priceless! I didn’t really find a sore spot, other than the massive mystery bruise that appeared last weekend. I’ll keep trying, though, and work it into my stretching routine.
    Two more things: you sound like me, and I think your hands are beautiful. Very expressive and strong.
    Two more things: I giggled at you wanting to grab Fry’s butt, and do you have access to a UK TV show he hosts called QI? I hope you do, I know you’d love the show.

  6. Wow! Thank you about my hands.

    Caveat, this may not be the problem you have (it’s worth more than one try, but don’t make yourself black and blue if you can’t find a hot spot), and the page I linked on your blog about the psoas muscle (which is deep inside, and in the front) may be more relevant. You would probe for those trigger points around the edge of your hipbones in front — you have to actually dig into the belly a little bit — and stretch it by putting your leg in extension — the Cobra pose in Yoga is a good, well controlled way to do that.

    There is also a great thing going on here
    and you do not need the expensively sold “Wedgy” device to use the principle — I’ve rolled up a small towel so that I have a roll about two inches in diameter and put it where they are putting the wedgy in the videos. This stretches interior ligaments and the psoas in ways that are otherwise hard to do.

    It’ll be easier to know if any of this will help once you find out if you have any real disc issue. If nothing like that turns up, it’ll be a job for the physio and self education — there’s no substitute for knowing how one’s muscles are arranged on the skeleton and how they do their job or screw it up, and thanks to the Internet the information is all out there. Google “trigger point therapy” and be overwhelmed by the advice.

    I don’t have a television at all so I have to hunt things like that up on the Net from time to time. Azahar turned me on to Fry’s Twitter feed and I looked him up on YouTube.

    • Ow. 🙂 Yes, that was more like it. I’m a bit worried I may have done more harm than good with my homemade sacrowedgie! I actually feel exhausted and a little nauseated after my 20 mins. Really hurt my right hip, and my left leg couldn’t be convinced that it could relax. I wish I could purchase the real thing. I love the lady in the video, moreso when they said they were in Mobile Alabama. I grew up only a few hours away so the accent sounded like home a bit.
      I want to thank you again for taking your time to share tips and wisdom with me, I really didn’t expect professional advice for free, I was just complaining. I’m very grateful that you did.
      QI (stands for Quite Interesting) probably isn’t on US TV. Too smart and funny a show for mass consumption, even in the UK. Hope it isn’t region-blocked on YouTube.

      • It’s my calling. So many people are in unnecessary pain when some simple and inexpensive things could help. When I leave the world, I want people to say that I fixed pain and wrote good stories.

        If you ultimately feel like there has been some release and you decide to try the “Wedgy” approach again just throttle the time back a little — five minutes is enough to do some good. You can always work it up if it seems to be helping. The psoas is snuggled up to all the nerve roots from your rib cage on down, so you can imagine that any excitement you generate in the muscle will affect the organs that are connected to those nerves as well. I’ve had people do releases on my tail-bone that made me feel as if something was being gently (not painfully, but weirdly) extracted from my uterus, say.

        When you do any of these things just respect your own tolerance, changing something that’s gone haywire in the body means reforming a pattern that’s set up over a period of time. Occasionally people can get lucky and it all goes away at the first shot, but usually you have to chip at it for a period of days. Again, more imaging and the physio will help fill out the picture. But even if there is a little disc protuberance, daily use of the wedgy or some similar extension position can help open the intervertebral space; it’s a slow stretch of the ligaments. Keep me posted.

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