Quicker Than Boiled Asparagus

The Emperor Augustus was, reputedly, a man addicted to quaint sayings, and I believe Tacitus cites the expression “quicker than boiled asparagus.” Asparagus, of course, requires nothing more than to be lightly blanched or steamed; you sort of wave it at the heat source. Best vegetable on the planet.

I had a cat who doted on bits of asparagus, and I vaguely remember mentioning that at Azahar’s blog, and she has remembered. Quicker than boiled asparagus, now, get your buns over there and behold two of the world’s most adorable and loudly-purring cats enjoying their wholesome snack. Warning: susceptible folk will be incapacitated by awwww.


7 thoughts on “Quicker Than Boiled Asparagus

  1. I especially love how the still pic on the video captured Sunny licking his chops. 🙂

    Funny thing memory. I can’t seem to remember anything these days unless it’s to do with cats.

  2. I haven’t tried Smokey with asparagus, maybe I will. There are still some spears coming up in the asparagus bed.

    I totally agree. Of all the vegetables on the planet, asparagus is the BEST! I couldn’t believe I had to do convincing exercises on Jim to get him to agree to establishing an asparagus patch in the vegetable garden, which meant dedicating one of the eight beds to it. He thought it would mean we wouldn’t have enough room for the rest of what we grow, and I thought if we didn’t we wouldn’t have enough asparagus in our lives! It is absolutely the BEST when you have just picked it and walked it in to the house and (as you so properly suggest) wave it over the steam coming out of the steamer. (Well, actually, we steam it for about two minutes, just enough to turn it bright green) Then we gobble it up with mayo, although I did convince him to make hollandaise the other day when we had farm eggs and fresh lemons from california.

    • I had some thick purple asparagus the other day that was to die for. It’s sweeter than the green kind and you can eat it naked, I mean the vegetable is naked though I suppose nude dining is also optional.

      I almost bought an asparagus crown in a garden catalog but it said it would take two years to asparage. I wasn’t sure how that worked.

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