3 thoughts on “01 – Overture

  1. Thank you so much for hosting these clips! I’ve only recently discovered the joys of The Desert Peach comics and it’s fantastic to hear some of the songs. I wish I could have seen the musical but, alas, I was born a good decade or so too late (not to mention in the wrong country)! This is definitely the next best thing. 🙂

    • I’m so glad people are still enjoying this post! Every once in a while there’s a shot at reviving it. You might enjoy the promo videos I did the last time there was a Kickstarter.

      • Ahh sorry for the late response, I’ve only just seen your reply! Haha funnily enough I think your videos on YouTube were actually what led me here – such a shame the Kickstarter didn’t work out, as they’re a great teaser/trailer for the musical!

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