We’ve all heard it — a wonderful, top-drawer piece of schmalz by the iconic violinist Fritz Kreisler — but I hadn’t really listened to it until I got stuck in traffic yesterday, something that will do wonders for your focus on the classical station.

At about 3:50 in this double-decker video of Joshua Bell. I had never quite taken in before how the swoony, wildly rubato 3/4 rhythm exactly suggests someone bopping along the street (and possibly turning pirouettes) with that over-the-moon, just-been-laid grin that everyone with a heart remembers having smeared across their face once, at least when young.

Incidentally, Joshua Bell once played for three quarters of an hour outside the DC Metro entrance with his violin case open, while a thousand commuters passed by, just to see what would happen. Seven people stopped to listen; twenty-seven threw money in the case. No wonder this nation is run so cluelessly.