Def Not My Workout

But at the end of a freaking surreal year, it may be just the envoi we need here.

Bonus cool: the glass artist, Jen Detlefsen, is the Navy Vet daughter of Secretary of Strip Mining the Interior Ryan Zinke, who does not seem to share her father’s politics.

The Princess Industrial Complex isn’t going anywhere. Instead of fighting against a landslide of pink, I choose to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a princess, and in doing so reject pink’s stigma as a color of weakness and frivolity. Enter a decadently adorned, glittering space in which femmes of all types are welcome to build strength, backbone and confidence. This journey is just getting started – get your glow on and share how you #liftlikeaprincess with me.

Not really something I plan to try (I am across the street, up six flights of stairs and on the other side of the building from femme, and still remember being the butchest thing and the only chromosomal female at a cookout hosted by a trans woman and her friends). Though I could get behind one of those cast glass kettlebells — two of my favorite things in one package (glass art and weights). If only they weren’t pink. And if only Virginia Beach weren’t at the other end of the state.

May you have the power to lift all your burdens lightly in the New Year.



I had the trailing end of the contractors, the beginning of a new year and the Engineer’s dad and stepmom to deal with over the past couple weeks. Lots of nice people using up every last drop of my brain sap.

On an excursion with the in-law equivalents I bought a galaxy to make me feel better.

I am a sucker for glass and color and light and refraction, and once upon a time I had a heavy paperweight like this of my very own, which I doubt I will see again owing to the way that families are as often as not machines for forcing together people who are hateful with people who just want to live. Old story, you all know it.

I spent too much money. From the side it is a Hubble photograph, from above mani padme.

More about life as my brain cells crawl back to their functional positions.