T-Shirt Friday: Redheaded Bitch Edition

I have stumped for Donna Barr’s Desert Peach comic series here, but in a culpable omission, I have never mentioned Roberta Gregory, a drawn-book colleague of Donna’s from the same neck of the woods. I was actually seeking Gregory’s autograph at a comic-store book signing when I tripped over Donna in person, saw the Peach and got hooked. But I was there with my copies of Naughty Bits, starring Bitchy Bitch.

Everyone knows about Bitchy and most people have met her. She’s the single woman that the 60’s liberated and then kind of dropped on her ass, keyboarding away in some cubicle and putting up with bosses from hell and a shrinking pool of potential boyfriends from even scuzzier places. Her parents were on another planet, or maybe one apiece. Life pretty much sucks. Every woman, no matter how unconventional, has had a Bitchy moment or two in her own life. And anyone who grew up in the suffocating hangover of 1950’s America will recognize some of Bitchy’s flashbacks.

I save this shirt for days when people need to be warned.