Well, That Was Nice While It Lasted

I should have known it wasn’t going to be good when almost as soon as I got into the Trader Joe’s near our house, some brat in a the seat of a cart started that circle-breathing number they do where they screech mommymommymommymommy without, apparently, ever having to pause to inhale. Because an adult woman can’t put her attention on anything other than her brat for ten seconds. All I can say is, duct tape has many uses.

Unfortunately some of the brats are wandering around on two legs, and running the register. There we were on a Sunday when every headline in every news outlet worth the name was blaring about the extra-contagious Omicron variant, between two cashiers with their bare faces hanging out and a third at the register right in front of the manager’s box.

Yes, I asked to speak to the manager. Sooner or later it had to happen.

Who told me that “Corporate has decided that we go by the rules of the state we’re in, for instance DC still has a mask mandate but Virginia doesn’t,” blether blah witter, and “I wish I could do more,” natter babble.

I was really enjoying picking out my own produce and sampling those interesting cheeses and pasta sauces. First World problems, I know. I have to assume that it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks before we get confirmed cases of the new variant in the region, so I guess it’s back to ordering groceries in restaurant-sized quantities from Costco. At least, I won’t miss the screaming kids.

Oddly, the state-run liquor store requires masks. I have heard that for two weeks of a siege during the Indian Mutiny, the surviving officers of a garrison subsisted entirely on brandy, but I don’t think it’s a long term strategy. Seriously, does it hurt that much to wear a piece of cloth over your face?

4 thoughts on “Well, That Was Nice While It Lasted

  1. It could be worse. You could live in a Red State like Tennessee. You would hardly know there’s a pandemic going on here. But wait, you just had a Republican elected as governor! They have a philosophy, you know: Ignore a problem long enough, and it will just go away (or your term limit will run out).

    Good luck with that….

    • Yeah, I’ve been sick to my stomach about it ever since election day. I suppose I had a naive idea that people would see what Republican government has accomplished recently in states like Florida and Texas so far as immiserating the population and say Nah, stay blue, but apparently people don’t actually take in the news. Apparently some ignis fatuus about reading Evil Books is more important in people’s minds than spreading a pandemic or the power going out.

      Also, I think there is a liberal flip side to pandemic ignorance, to the effect that “we’re vaccinated now and that makes us the Good Guys so we can do anything.” I have had a few clients get a bit nettled that I still insist on masking, though they got religion after Delta popped up, and one who I think is never coming back after I resisted his pushback (it isn’t as if I hadn’t made it repeatedly clear over the phone before he got here). Not a Trumpie or Fox Grandpa, but seemed to think it was all over now and was never that big a deal and I was asking him for a major sacrifice. I don’t get people.

  2. I am so grateful for our mask mandate here. People don’t get to choose or do “their own research” on the matter. They have to wear a mask anytime they are indoors, except at restaurants while seated and eating at a table. If they get up to use the bathroom MASK ON. Shops, offices, public transport… all masks all the time.

    • I am so sick of the flailing. My country is a hot mess, even before you get to it looking like everything’s in place to strip away protections from women who need an abortion and insurrectionists walking around unapprehended. Everyone is supposed to have a right to their own version of the truth and no one can make a rule and stick to it or even have the guts to enforce it. The toddlers are running the playground.

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