Fox News

Not that Fox News, thankfully.

The Engineer took a video. Grainy iPhone zoomed to max, but still, adorable. I don’t know what Blue Thing is.

UPDATING: Just to orient you, this is happening in a back yard separated only by the house from a four lane road. That’s the hum of traffic noise you hear. The enormous structure behind the fence is a backyard workshop built by my late neighbor Daryl, landlord of my beloved Neighbordykes, who moved a few miles away when he informed them belatedly that he was being foreclosed. Apparently he spent all his resources building this colossal workshop with a sheet steel roof and cupola, which I don’t think the current occupant uses. The foxes could be denning in there, or in the shed.

We had a brief appearance by Mama and one kit around midday. The kit is still nursing, but Mama is getting testy and walked off, the kit trotting behind her saying “Mom! Not done yet!”


6 thoughts on “Fox News

  1. Very cute. I wonder if the blue thing was an inflatable kiddie pool that had water in it..and they bit it and it deflated. 🙂 Looks like a lot of foxes.

      • It does look like a piece of tarp. Poor Kits..they need some toys to play with….My bf goes hiking to this Rockville Regional Park in Fairfield,CA all the time. He has had this secret hiding spot for 5 years or more and in there he set up a watering system for the wildlife. He’s got a mom fox and her baby that come within 3 ft of him and drink water and bird friends,..and lizard friends. We rescue feral cats and he says he loves them…but then they get kind of upset hearing about all these other friends he has. He claims there is this hummingbird that meets him at the bottom of this steep hill/mtn and flies with him as he’s climbing up “Hell Hill” and meets him for water in the secret place. 🙂 He’s like Dr. Doolittle with his animal friends…..LOL.

        • My former favorite chiropractor Dr. Bill used to look after the foxes in Arlington Cemetery in winter — he would take Alpo up into the remote parts where they lived and put his t-shirt down on the ice before pouring a heap of kibble on top of it. They got used to his smell and he could stand a few yards way and make eye contact with them while they ate.

          I have already tried to think what I could lob over the fence into my nabe’s yard for them to play with.

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