I tried to get a photo, but the light was either blazing through or reflecting off the windows of the station wagon. Also I was trying not to be too obvious. With luck I’ll never see the damn thing again, but if I do I’ll have another try.

It was in the parking rank right beside the door of my gym, a beige, battered family-with-kids wagon whose windows had been repurposed as billboards, painted with white lettering in about an inch-high, fussy hand, as dense and intense as a Dr. Bronner’s soap label but not nearly so engaging. “Latinos are the Domestic Terrorists of the West!,” it said, with convergent ramblings about rapists and child traffickers and “Espanole people” (I only found out later the same day that people use that term). Oh, and Califori-something is to be hated and, most inscrutable of all, a column of words: “Celibate/Proud/Jew/Greek/Roman.” Sort of a roster of the civilizations that people usually mean when they say “Western,” but celibate? Not surprised, at least.

Presumably, someone was in there working out, who had driven this mobile hate-fest into our parking lot and would eventually come out and drive away in it, no doubt swelled with pride of some kind.

I wanted to do something and I couldn’t. Vandalism is ineffective and the front desk guys were already checking it out. One of them is deeply black, a sweet guy whose smile always elevates my mood. Our best trainer is Hispanic. I had a sort of heartburn in my bone marrow from it. I let them know how I felt, but was stumped for a better action.

So this is where we’re at. First a pickup truck that hated refugees, now this unhinged window decoration. And this is in the deepest blue part of my state.

Dear God, make it stop.


6 thoughts on “America

    • These people have always been here. They just feel free to be now, and will intensify their nastiness beyond what they might have originally felt in search of approval from worse bigots whom they see as authority figures and leaders. It’s a snowball effect.

      I don’t know if the gym management is going to grow a set. I think as a private business they have every right to tell someone he can’t bring hate speech onto the property that alienates beaucoup of their members. I’d have no problem telling him he has to clean up his car, drive a different one, or lose his membership. But I don’t get to make the decision.

  1. We have the same type of fanatic down here, but they cover their vehicles with Bible quotes and warnings of the impending Apocalypse. It’s called mental illness.

    The clip from West Side Story was great. Apparently nothing has changed in either Puerto Rico or America since the musical’s 1950s setting. I see an opportunity for Randy Rainbow with this.

    • Hm, I hadn’t thought of Randy. He could do all the parts.

      It is mental illness, but now it’s empowered, so far as the racism goes. Creeps me out to think I might be on a warmup bike next to this guy. I just assume it’s a guy. There are nasty women out there but somehow I’ve never seen one pull this type stunt.

  2. And a simultaneous, related trend. Have you noticed that serious conservatives, that is, old-fashioned Republicans, now eschew bumper stickers? Except on pickup trucks. Democrats are also becoming reluctant to display bumper stickers. The crazies scream and shout, and the thoughtful whisper or say nothing at all.

    • I hadn’t actially noticed that. I’m a bumper sticker type myself, but with a certain leaven of snark. “Dukat 2016 – make Cardassia great again.” (You have to be a Trekkie to get it.) I wish we were dealing with a megalomaniac SOB who had Dukat’s class.

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