Peach In Our Time (II)

Yes, again — I hope.

Incomparable narrative artist and general culture-f**ker Donna Barr has launched a campaign for the revival of the delicious comfit-box of a musical based on her signature creation, the Desert Peach. If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you must have noted or even checked out the tab on the homepage devoted to this show. I first learned that it existed in late 2007 — not long after the death of my late and ex, who would have loved the Klezmer riffs in the overture and the two-different-keys love duet between the Peach and his previously straight intended. I bought the CDs and plotzed at the quality of the composition – uneven, granted,  because the composer, Michael Seyfrit, was literally terminally ill during the creation and rehearsal of the piece. You could hear the places where he had at most sketched in the music lines and the company, largely amateur, did its best. But at its best, it was the kind of stage music that makes you stand up and twirl in the middle of your living room. And now Donna has a composer on tap to fix the sketchy spots and gloss everything up for a concert performance in 2018.

But you have to pay musicians and hire a hall and that, so there’s a Kickstarter fundraiser, 


which has about a month to go. And not nearly enough recognition. So I asked my unofficial godson, the video editor and animator, about software that an old fart could manage in a hurry, and here is what the world needs to know about the Peach:

Look, in America in 2017, anything that resists Nazis is vital. Especially if you can hum the tunes.

Next time your Nazis come they’ll have a new disguise
They won’t be wearing jackboots, they’ll have three-piece suits and ties
They’ll tell you things you want to hear, you’ll never know they’re lies.

Written in 1992. More of us should have been listening.

Damn annoying you can’t embed links in Youtube videos other than to your own website. Working on that problem. Meanwhile, I churned out another short subject (bonus: hot guys!)

I’m not vain enough to think I have a future in PR, but my heart is in this.



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