V For Something

Victory, possibly. Or Vendetta. I am not quite sure.

What it was, I was driving down the main drag of South Arlington to the gym, an experience always fraught with idiocy and mundane perils, like the construction site where I turn out of the hood (festooned with a gigantic banner engrossed with the initials ED, which means Ellis-Dale construction but given the humongous crane perched on the hillside, the last thing you want to see suffer Erectile Dysfunction, all I can say is it is a bit unnerving). People weave in traffic. They look cell-phone-dazed. It is half a mile of quotidian horror.

So suddenly there is the staccato blatting of a car horn obviously intended to attract attention, and a black sedan pulls alongside me in a meaningful way. At the wheel is a lady of A Certain Age — and I mean only a tad more certain than mine, I would say high sixties, with the stringy gray-white shoulder-cropped I-quit-giving-a-fuck hair you see on some women her age, waving at me and making gestures that at first I thought added up to flipping me off. Really? Is she a Trumpie who doesn’t like my Hillary Bernie Planned Parenthood bumper stickers? What did I do?

She gunned her car, which I could now see was a Mercedes thanks much, and seemed to be getting the window open, worked her arm out and began waggling it high in the air, the first two fingers of her left hand sprouting into a V sign. The arm thrust, danced, pirouetted with insane zest until she accelerated out of sight.

I can’t think it was just the candidate stickers. The Cthulhu religious fish? The DUKAT 2016 sticker subscribed “Make Cardassia Great Again”? Grumpy Cat?

Either she was a nutter, or someone I’d like to know. Ships in the night.


14 thoughts on “V For Something

      • Your first post ever makes me want to check out that movie. Apart from that, I guess the more I think about it this evening, the more I’m inclined to agree life’s a string of WTF? moments. Somehow that thought pleases me.

        Where have I been? Well I just got back to blogging a few weeks ago after taking a few years off to allow my views and opinions to change and mature a bit. I haven’t changed all my views, but I’ve changed some.

        It’s good seeing you again, Sledpress! I see you’re still one of the best writers around. I’m glad that hasn’t changed.

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  2. You know Paul? He just found my gaff! I like him! Glad to know you like him too.

    Back to the post. Of course over here the two finger V is used, same as the one finger salute is in the USA. British influence! Perhaps ritzy bitzchy was not throwing a victory sign but a big old fuck ya.

  3. Your car-back stickers (since they have migrated much farther than that crowded bumper) make for amusing reading at stoplights. No one need guess where you fall on the political and activist spectrum.

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