Notes From My Absence

I really have to come back. I have not missed a workout, but since the US election I have been sleeping a lot and throwing up sort of regularly. Not a joke. Really throwing up.

Life goes on nonetheless.

Do Not Drop Shit On Yourself

This is really good advice for anyone. On Election Day, after voting

img_20161108_1039061, I looped around to the gym for a chest and back workout. Lately I have been hucking a pair of 45#s on my last set and for some reason, that day, the weights went down cattywumpus and the left hand dumbbell decided to teeter and crash onto my pinkie finger, the one where I always wear a ring, since like forever, long story, but the latest ones have been adjustable copper rings on account copper leaches into your system and supplements the enzyme that blocks Substance P, which is a pain neurotransmitter… oh well. Some pain got transmitted. The ring flattened into a narrow oblong,


one end dug into my flesh, I managed to wrench it off, and double-timed up to the front desk to ask if there was an ice pack available.

Great kerfuffle ensued and one of those gizmoes was produced that, on sufficently vengeful smashing, turns into an icy gelpack which I wrapped around my pinkie while the gym manager worked his way down a form. “Were there any witnesses to the incident?” he read off the sheet. “Buggered if I know, I just dropped a weight on myself because I’m a klutz, I didn’t look around,” I said.

“Do you want an ambulance?” he asked gravely.

“The fuck?” I responded.

“I have to ask, it says here,” he explained.

We finished the form, and I went back and finished my sets.

That is sort of an omen for life going forward.


For the curious, I worked every appointment I had booked, it actually doesn’t hurt, unless you squeeze it. Periosteal bruise is my best guess. The ring either saved me or savaged me.  I’m keeping it on my desk.

Tough Redheads

My passion for Star Trek led me to a CGI animated fan film whose hero is a badassed redhead prone to starting fights (with Klingons, even). I can relate. I am in a mood to start fights right now.

I Had A Birthday

I am now, by US law (for as long as it lasts) eligible to collect a pension should I choose. I am really kinda good for some years of pummeling butt, so I didn’t apply, but it is awesome to be recognized by people like Azahar,  who engineered the provision of a buttload of incredible sherry through the agency of the store that, funnily enough, in its earlier incarnation offered my first shit-job out of college forty years ago.


We drank it with a birthday dinner that followed a late-afternoon screening of Dr Strange, hey, Benedict Cumberbatch stripped to the waist, what’s not to like? I think I am going to be hiding in a lot of fantasy universes for a while, such as…

Fantastic Beasts

I hate Thanksgiving, that American holiday sacred to gluttony and familial teeth-gritting, but the day following (having evaded gluttony and gritting) we did enjoy this.

You get adult (in the best sense) ideas, and a Polish Jew in 1920’s New York who can bake, and the Thunderbird. The one who belongs in the sacred lands of the First Nations. I wept.

I even refrained from starting a physical altercation with some yuppie twat who brought her toddler kid into the restaurant where we had settled on our pre-film dinner, fired up her FaceTime app and indulged in a loud kid-assisted conversation with some distant family cohort. Hello, asshole. The whole restaurant does not want to hear your Precious Sneauflake blatt or your relatives blather.
But, y’know. I could be watching the movie or I could be in the police station across the street, trying to think of magical ways to erase these philoprogenitive scumsuckers from time and history.

Hanging in for a future. Watch this space.







11 thoughts on “Notes From My Absence

  1. Ah, when you give me so much I don’t know where to start! I guess first off the copper thing. Really? So I should be grand with my IUD as it is also copper? And yes, I did smile at ‘some pain got transmitted’. An understatement, in the most understated way.
    I also have been physically ill after the the election. Not daily. But brushing my fangs never used to be a gag-inducing endeavour. What the fuck.
    Happy beleated birthday. Wish I could have been there for some imbibing.

    • We’ll toast you in tonight’s cocktail.

      Copper is, indeed, a component of an enzyme that denatures the pain neurotransmitter, so optimizing the amount of available copper in the system is a backdoor pain relief dodge. I think it helps; so do a lot of middle ages people who wear copper anklets and bracelets. If your finger (or uterus) turns green where the copper contacts it, you are absorbing copper ions.

      And since I have read of a case in which someone with a genetic susceptibility to Wilson’s disease, in which copper cannot be excreted efficiently, exhibited symptoms only after getting a copper-T IUD, clearly there is absorption. (If you have not started grinning like the Joker and found yourself unable to close your lips against the muscle spasticity, you don’t have Wilson’s disease. It’s rare.)

  2. Was wondering why you were so quiet. Hope things resolve themselves. I’ve heard about those copper bands before.
    Thank you for introducing me to the word “philoprogenitive” and scumsuckers is a nice additon. Agree they are a problem!

    • The election, alas, isn’t going to resolve itself soon. Failing an electoral or recount shocker that could precipitate a constitutional crisis, we are in for four years of incompetence and kleptocracy on a scale never before imagined.

      “scumsucking” goes back to a favorite novelty record of mine…

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