Babylon 5

If you are not familiar with this serial sci-fi drama, now would be the time. Specifically, the plotline that chronicles the manipulated accession of President Clark, who engenders the Earth First movement, which demands evidence of Terran loyalty in the context of a great intersection of cultures…

The show examines the impositions on civil liberties under the pretext of greater defense against outside threats which aid its rise, and the self-delusion of a populace which believes its moral superiority will never allow a dictatorship to come to power, until it is too late.[]

I live in walking distance (for me; I am a fucking walking machine) of the White House so this sort of speculation is not trivial to me at this point in history. Is there an Agamemnon and is there a Captain Sheridan out there? Or is everyone in the United States of America prepared to roll over and play dead?


6 thoughts on “Babylon 5

    • I think there will be violence, though not war as we usually understand it. There will be policing of “suspect” groups and the violence that happens when people are afraid and lash out, and there will be provocations intended to brand certain people or groups as “dangerous” thus justifying the curtailment of rights. If our “President Clark” rewards loyalty and punishes protest until he can, say, declare a state of emergency, who will be wiling to stand up to him? Will people in the Pentagon disobey illegal, immoral commands? Will news outlets call out the misdeeds and lies? And if there is a disastrous decision, will someone step in and prevent its execution? I am afraid.

  1. I found a 4million plus strong group on FB who aren’t lying down and taking it. I’m mostly looking in, not interacting, but some people do have proper plans and ideas to change this. Big one right now is to try to stop the appointment of Bannon.

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