The Best Weather Graphic Ever Devised

Washington, D.C. was recently described as “a marble-encased griddle” in the summer months, according to a blogger my Engineer follows.

The thing is, it’s not the heat, as the old saw goes. Arizona is a griddle. Nevada is a griddle.

Washington is an industrial steamer. In the words of the longtime columnist Henry Allen, breathing its summer air is like giving artificial respiration to an old bathing suit, like trying to suck-start the outside exhaust vent on a Chinese restaurant.

The Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang” rose to the occasion earlier today with the best goddam humidity/dew-point rating scale I have ever seen in my born days.Humidometer

Click here for a link to their entire post.


2 thoughts on “The Best Weather Graphic Ever Devised

  1. I almost made myself gag thinking about suck-starting our local “Chinese” restaurant’s exhaust. The stink of used grease off that place! Okay it smells nicely of won tons and egg rolls and chips, but to inhale it? Nooooooo.

    We are back to just wet here. The recent humidity annoyed me at work (the Irish won’t say humid, they call it ‘close’) because being in the returns department – okay I AM the returns department – I am constantly peeling the previous shipping label off of boxes. Something that would come off in one go on most days is 15+tries and still there are bits of label left behind. And stuck all over my nails and fingertips on both hands. Yuck.

  2. This is also Toronto. 30º there feels like wearing a hot damp blanket. Today it’s going up to 40º in Sevilla with 40% humidity, so I guess that’s :D.

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