Flowers, For Spiders

I know that’s an odd sounding post title, unless you also follow Here There Be Spiders and know her fabu garden pictures.

When I got my Instagram thing going, Spiders asked if I could post the flower pictures on Facebook too so she could see them. I really do not do the Facebook thing. Too many moving parts. But here we are; I’ve got all these local Tidewater flowers that live on the streets around my place.

Here’s to you, babe.

So there. We can’t unfuck the world, but we can capture the pretty things in it.


4 thoughts on “Flowers, For Spiders

  1. Love it! Is that budelia? So bright! All of mine from seed turned out to be white, yawn. Really like the fat lilies, too! I’m in nearly full-swing here, just lilies and tigridia to go I think.

    • I wouldn’t know the names of most of these — very few flowers I snap are from my own yard. I go around the hood on my speed walks pausing to let my bad leg uncramp and strategically choosing a spot where someone has a gorgeous flower for me to photograph. The lilies have been amazing.

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