Cats Invented Smug

Torvald — who is now getting a little Catsure(tm) twice a day (yes, it is a thing), and seems to feel better from it — posed for a client fan of his who dropped by especially to see him.

Smug Torvald3

He has been off his food pretty seriously, even with the Pumpkin Soup stuff, and lost two pounds (possibly more) before I starting humiliating him with the Catsure from a large ear syringe for elevenses and a late snack. Today he toodled around the house all day, sampling sunbeams, then sat by a dish and waited till I put in a wad of Tuna And Salmon In Pumpkin Soup. (Yumm!) He ate half, which is pretty good, and then plunked himself down by the door that he always expects to open and let him meet ALL THE BUDDIES upstairs. Whom, in sordid experience, he would try to thrash.

I left the door closed, but it looks like a good sign.

After a while he got up on the sofa just in time for his visitor. Cats know how to work it.


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