Back not long after I started this blog, to the consternation of my early followers, I posted a short video called The Insane Accordian Man [sic], which was reviewed by one reader as the worst video she had ever seen. I’m sure she was being sincere. You had to be there, that is, it helps if the star of the video is your unofficial godson aged 17 or so.

(Parental warning: includes flatulence.)

This afternoon, as I was showing a client out, I thought at first there was some sort of altercation or automotive mishap in the street, but no, it was just three teenage guys, one of them strutting slowly down the middle of the street wearing a hard hat with two red lamps strapped onto it, the other two filming him.

Ah, I realized, die Junge, sie sind immer so.

Then I came back inside and discovered that The Insane Accordian Man has an actual blooper reel, which in some ways is better than the original.  A “making-of,” really.

I do remember, now, him telling me how much that chain-link fence hurt his nads.

And to think I worried when he was in the IDF.



9 thoughts on “Trove

  1. Love it. Wish I’d had the tech when I was little. My sister and I used to do the Jerry’s Kids telethon in front of the bathroom mirror. One would be serious, one would be…the Jerry’s Kid. Best fun I had with my sister, ever.

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