I’d Buy The CD

If I could find it. No luck so far. Some outtakes online.

What it is, is Mikhail Gorbachev turned 85 last week. Who knew? I suppose I had semi-consciously imagined him as an expat, living far from Putin’s ugly cross between Tsarist Russia and the USSR, but no, he’s there, alive — and singing.

From the Daily Beast:

At his gala party on Wednesday, Gorbachev was singing to the accompaniment of a dissident musician, rock star Andrei Makarevich. And that in itself was a political statement: Over the last two years authorities have canceled Makarevich’s concerts all across the country because of the musician’s support for Ukraine.

Apparently he’s been doing this for a while. Songs For Raisa, recorded almost seven years ago with the same performer, was dedicated to Gorbachev’s late wife Raisa and auctioned to raise funds for a charity founded in her name. Did everyone else know about this? Was I in the bathroom?

I could listen to this all afternoon.


9 thoughts on “I’d Buy The CD

  1. Holy crap. I can’t share your post on FB as people would track me back here, but I am definitely sharing the links – and I can bet Himself will on his DJ page, too. I had no idea this was going on (won’t take bets that hubby already knew, he seems to know all the cool shit so I’ll be over the moon if I’ve got one up on him for a change).
    Gorby can sing, begorrah bejasus!

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