I Can’t Even

I have just made the bed. And now I am going to be hiding under the covers until someone can promise me that grown adult men running for the office of President of the United States will not talk any more about the size of their (or other candidates’) penises.

Years ago I used to say that the Achilles heel of democracy is that the common man is an idiot; everyone derided me as a snobbish elitist for saying that. I rest my case. People are voting for these adolescents.

I’m trying to think about something other than this train wreck of a Republican primary. But I’m afraid to look away. I keep hoping a grown-up will enter the room and assign detention.

Dear rest of the world: we’re very embarrassed. Not enough of us, but a lot of us, anyway.


15 thoughts on “I Can’t Even

  1. Last year the Canadians had an unusually long 11 weeks of campaigning before their election. We need to emulate them in this respect.

  2. Travesty. I feel like an old person when I complain that this election is a disgraceful horror show, but I can’t remember this level of ugliness and vulgarity in the past. Perhaps it’s simply a function of social media crawling over everything 24/7 with no respectable journalists to look up to anymore. We must have a constant IV drip of useless non-news items sloshing through our feeds or else, so every fart is fair game.

    • You know, at this point I would welcome a decent fart joke. It’s the fragile egos operating at a playground level that scare me. The Trump who wants us to know he has a big one is also the Trump who further wants to show what a man he is by calling for waterboarding, Sippenhaft, and general blustering aggression. And the rest are happy to race to the bottom with him. I think of Tiberius, Caligula and Joseph Stalin. Especially Caligula.

  3. Dear Sled, cheer up, should Trump become your Prez, come up here before WE build a wall to keep his ilk out. I hate to think, despite evidence to the contrary that the TEA PARTY will have majority rule in the House, the Senate and the White House. Perhaps, with some First Nations allies, we should burn the place down as in 1812 when it was painted white to hide fire traces.
    Should the worst happen. as for Viet Nam, we are ready to open our arms to the intelligent people from your country And we have very nice gyms to boot.

    • Those damned ilk, getting in everywhere.

      I think the general population is still not quite dumb enough to vote for the creep. The enthusiasm he elicits in 30-50% of the people who vote in Republican primaries, though, is frightening. White supremacists coming out of the woodwork. People who clearly have no idea what the United States Constitution sets out.

      I do hear that Google searches for “move to Canada” have spiked.

  4. It’s so disheartening, isn’t it? Trump scares me, but worse than that is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are encouraging that behavior. I blame the Kardashians.

  5. Embarrassed? Can you even imagine how many people here have asked me what I think of Trump? Always asked with that oh-so-careful manner of questioning that means they honestly don’t already know my answer is going to be a spew of bilious hatred. Asked by people who have known me for 11 years! Or have worked with me for four years!
    This. This is what people expect from Americans now. Embarrassed doesn’t begin to cover it.
    Fuck this entirely. I’m never more pleased these days when someone mistakes me for a Canadian.

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