Dream Nadir

When he was living in his accursed group house, the Engineer suffered the presence of his house-mate’s beau, a local Republican talk-show host who came over to watch their cable TV (he was too cheap to pay for it at his own place), nosh the Engineer’s baking, and basically sit on the sofa and scratch his balls. I cherish the memory of the chump only because of the spit-take he did when the Engineer executed his hail-Mary pass ten and more years ago, during a homeowner upgrade. For reasons too bizarre to go into, I had asked him for any spare lumber that was left over.

“Oh, Sled? I have wood for you. …I mean, if you would like a stud.”

We had to pound the poor motherfucker on the back to sort out the coffee he inhaled.

The other night I dreamed we were attending the premiere of a movie that was being made about the sorry chump’s life, really more like the first rushes. People were coming from all over to sit in an amphitheater kind of place, with popcorn.

And then Ted Cruz bustled out of the kitchen in a red and white gingham apron, with a pot roast that he had more or less assassinated, unfit for consumption by any but the desperate and by a vegetarian, well, it goes without saying.

And the primaries are only starting. It’s going to be a long, long fucking year.


11 thoughts on “Dream Nadir

    • Given that Republican Chump was his own biggest fan, he’d be pleased.

      I still get his local conservative newsletter in my e-mail box. It’s sort of a comfortably disgusting link to the receding past.

  1. I think I prefer the dreams I had this week – watching someone get stabbed in the brain with the blunt scissors we sell at work, and getting shot at by some asshole on a raggedy-ass motorcycle from outside my house!
    The race is not fun, even from a distance.

    • “Stabbed in the brain with blunt scissors” describes pretty well the experience of watching this political food fight. Now the Pope even let some reporters drag him into it.

        • YESSS!!! Or as the Spanish speaking voters apparently call him “El viejito con su pelitos asi” (last word with a flapping gesture about the head). The old sweetie with the crazy hair. I’ve been waiting since the 1960s for a politician like him. The Revolution of Rising Expectations. None of what he talks about is truly un-do-able, there are just so many people who don’t want to try or don’t want it to happen. Foreign policy is a wild card here, but everyone else seems to think carpet bombing is the answer. Blergh.

          • Thank you, Ms. Sled, for the following: “None of what he talks about is truly un-do-able, there are just so many people who don’t want to try or don’t want it to happen.” I agree completely! I’m so sick of commentators — who pretend to be sophisticated political analysts — saying that Bernie’s proposals regarding Medicare for all and free tuition at public colleges and universities are “impossible.” All we need to make Bernie’s platform possible is a can-do attitude. Most of his proposals are already working effectively in other countries. But people in America have adopted a “can’t-do” attitude.

          • That is what blows me away — that every other civilized country in the world has national health care, many cover college tuition, support living wages, grant family leave… and somehow, they continue to function! Yes, the economy is a problem everywhere, but in other countries, you don’t have to worry about one stroke of bad luck causing you to lose your home or die from inability to pay for medical treatment.

            I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton if she ends up the nominee, what other choice does a thinking person have?, but she has lost a lot of my respect by talking BS about Sanders’ plan somehow taking away the coverage people have under ACA. It’s coverage, yeah, but it’s still a dick-dance, and it still pays the insurers, not people or doctors. Lose-lose scenario: pay premiums and still have to tolerate your health care being dominated by a brainless bureaucracy. Tell you the story sometime of how Sister Age lacerated an arm in a bike fall in Canada and got treated at the Indian Res clinic nearby. The Canadians think we are nuts to put up with this.

          • I’m glad that Bernie is pushing Hillary to step out of her comfort zone and to adopt more leftish positions. It will make her a better candidate and a better president. I thought her victory speech after the Nevada caucuses was was both gracious and more progresive.l

      • This pope… Of course living where I do I hear more about him than anyone in the US. He seemed progressive, but it was a bald faced lie. So same shit, different Pope.
        Who shits in the woods, in our household.

        • I’ll give him points today — he said the women of South America ought to be able to use contraception because of Zika. Up to this point the only time a Pope has advocated birth control was for nuns at risk of rape. Not the laity, ever. This is a sea change and credit where credit is due. He’s taking on a whole lot of bishops. Will be interesting to watch.

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