Gratuitous Naked Man Video

For those who thought the rat video was alarming.

I cannot comment on the “separated at birth” claim that seems to be implicit here, but just think: it would be a match for the centuries.


7 thoughts on “Gratuitous Naked Man Video

  1. Will the Guv take up the challenge? Will he block the bridges should he loose? Worrisome that our nearest neighbour his down to this. And Vladimir on our northern border. Lots of work for psychiatrists, I dare say.

  2. My eyes…

    Christie is pissing off his NJ constituents, too, especially in South Jersey where all my family are. He’s not in the running anyway, too many other, more insane, people are attractive to the Republican masses.

  3. As a Jerseyan, I can say for positive certain that he will lose his home state. He has never done anything for us, he’s done nothing but campaign for president for most of his term and he couldn’t even come home for his own f’ing state of emergency last weekend. He sucks eggs. If I weren’t so polite, he’d suck lots of worse things.

      • The GWB. He screwed up (and got caught) with the GWB. One of our main thoroughfares into Manhattan. It was a Newthing-gate. He’s been bad for us on everything. Now he pays the price. Not like it even matters, he’s at, what 5% in the national polls? He’s such a douchebag.

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