Things You Learn On Snowy Days, or, Kilrat Redux

See, this happened to me, as loyal and longtime readers of this blog might remember. And the Animal Control yokel who took my semi frantic call to the County for assistance tried to tell me it was an urban legend.

See, you officious prat? It’s a thing! Really! National Geographic says so!

The only thing I still wonder about is… what kind of mind designs and builds a Visible Toilet for rats to spelunk in? (Bonus points for anyone who can point to the connection between this quaint facet of natural history and Alan Garner’s juvenile novel The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.)

It’s a good thing the snow is over and there was plenty of shoveling to do today, or I might learn more of this kind of thing. Scary.


15 thoughts on “Things You Learn On Snowy Days, or, Kilrat Redux

  1. So, snow is over down your way. I conclude your writing flurry will also abate. Ah yes, snow to shovel; won’t the sun melt it all by tomorrow? After tomorrow at most? Relax and have another cognac thing. Shoveling is bad for the heart.

    • It’s good for the heart if you pace yourself.

      This is about twenty inches, so unlike the usual Tidewater snowfall, it’s going to be around for a while. Schools are closed till Wednesday. I still can’t get the front end of my car out of a snowdrift, but there’s really nowhere to go.

      I’m enjoying having the time to write. I need more of this kind of thing.

  2. I hate to think how anyone found out they could tread water for three days. And you know, I think they are actually beautiful animals… I just don’t want them overrunning my house.

    • I wish I had video of how Taffy the Terrible, of blessed memory (he was in the house the day the rat swam up, which is how I knew the rat had not come through the house) used to hunt rats when he was my feckless neighbor’s cat. He would come over the shoulder of the hill every night in the gloaming, silhouetted with the irregular, creepily limp shape of a young rat clamped in his jaws. Never offered anyone else a single bite.

  3. I wrote a comment so long, I ended it with, ‘this should have been a blog post.’ And now it will have to be, as it went down the toilet instead of up! Grrr.

    Anyhow, it’s amazing that mr rat could wiggle through half a toilet. A whole one would be simpler, I’m sure!

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