Well, That’s Settled

If there was every any doubt about who is in charge in this house, Mr. Ferguson’s arrival at the breakfast table resolves the matter.

I am sure this is hopelessly insanitary. But he is just too damn cute to throw off the table more than once every five minutes.

Just so you know we tried, he does have his own saucer of milk on the floor. He just prefers our breakfast.


10 thoughts on “Well, That’s Settled

  1. Oh my. The constant snorty purr makes it so hard to say no! Cute engineer also has a lovely purr, by the way.
    I have a vid of Spot actually eating D’s ham sandwich, and another of him licking raw porkchops. I wasn’t going to share those (even if I ever figured out how) just to spare my vegetarian friends!
    Spot and milk? Another tale!

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