The Locutus

Faithful readers will remember my birthday drink, the Picard.

So there we were, the Engineer and I, after a day of alternating cabin fever and snow hoickery, having another Picard — we eke them out parsimoniously — when he surprised me by pouring himself a second (an ounce of creme bergamot, an ounce of Armagnac) and then unstoppering a bottle of Absinthe that has been in the cupboard since 2010 at least, when he broached it to accompany his traditional New Year’s Eve snack of pickled herring. About which the less said the better.

“The Green Fairy, right?” he said as he handed me the snifter. “So the Borg are all about the green lights? Float a spoonful of this on the Picard and it’s the Locutus.”

Apologies if you’re not a Star Trek geek. But find the ingredients for this anyway. Dear Goddess. Resistance is futile.



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