Bruderlein, Schwesterlein

I’m just a posting fool today, possibly because it’s the first day I’ve really had off since the contractors invaded my house.

I’ve posted this before, but this is a tasty performance, conducted by Carlos Kleiber, who kind of was musical Vienna for a lot of his life, especially at New Year’s.

No one knows how to do the New Year like the Viennese. This is Vienna of the 21st Century showing you how they did it in the 19th — at least on the opera stage. I have always loved this sappy, soaked chorus, full of that schmalzy Germanic gemutlichkeit that should be a real thing more often. (Translation ponied below.) I offer it to you, my friends. (For authenticity, I finished the couple of ounces of brandy that were left after last night before looking it up; it should wear off by the time I need to go to the gym.)

In case you need another hit of that, this year’s New Year Concert from Vienna runs at 8 PM Eastern Time, US, here:

Folgt meinem Beispiel:  das Glas zur Hand,	Follow my example:  glass in hand,
Und jeder sing' zum Nachbar gewand:		Each turns and sings to his neighbor:

Brüderlein, Brüderlein und Schwesterlein	Little brothers, little brothers and sisters
Wollen alle wir sein,				We all want to be,
Stimmt mit mir ein!				All will agree with me!
Brüderlein, Brüderlein und Schwesterlein,	Little brothers, little brothers and sisters,
Lasst das traute"Du" uns schenken,              Address each other with the familiar "Du"
Für die Ewigkeit, immer so wie heut,		For all eternity, just as today,
Wenn wir morgen noch dran denken!		When we think about it again tomorrow!
Erst ein Kuss, dann ein Du			First a kiss and then a "Du"
Du, Du, Du, immerzu!				Du, Du, Du, forever! 

2 thoughts on “Bruderlein, Schwesterlein

  1. Kleiber really had a special way with this opera. I’ve heard so many recordings of it, and I always go back to his guidance, which makes the piece effervescent rather than frothy. There’s a fine line between the two.

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