Second Time Today

Not posting, although that too, but second time — not surprising — that the local classical station has run  a chunk of the Messiah. Actually the whole thing, this time. I walked into the living room just as the chorus was bouncing into the inordinately cheerful rhythms of what my father always described as his favorite part: “O We Like Sheep!”

(That was how he always sang it. Just those four notes, and a smirk.)

So it was devastating to me just now, when I looked it up, to realize that the text is actually all we like sheep, which doesn’t parse nearly so neatly.

I think the Choir of Kings’ College, Cambridge, has kind of got the feel of it here though. Or at least YouTube user ABakker307 does.

At this joyful season of the year, in this context, I am glad to note that someone revived a site that for a while ceased to exist: to wit, Adult Sheep Finder. (It used to be based in New Zealand.)

And the Lord hath laid on him…

Crap. The Christmas music will go on for another week, and I’m already starting to babble. I cross to the other side of the street to avoid meeting mothers and infants, and for a month out of the year, the whole nation goes insane singing about them.

I really want to just let music roll over me without having to keep changing CDs, so I tried to tune in an Internet channel called Radio Free Klezmer, which sounded 100% safe,  but there was a problem with the connection. Oh well. Hooray for Youtube playlists:

So this goyish chick can tap a foot, look around this bizarre world we live in, and say with the old Lubavitcher rabbi in the Norman Spinrad story: “You can look at this mishegaas and tell me that the Messiah has already come?”

I’m just counting down.


11 thoughts on “Second Time Today

  1. I was singing Oh! We like sheep! to myself all morning… Thanks!
    I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I worked retail for a few years… still have nightmares about the ONE SONG the owner played on repeat all day. Don’t even know what it was – some obscure C&W tune. Horrid.

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