Crusader Squirrel, 2015 Edition

Loyal readers may remember Agatha Voleslayer’s encounters with Crusader Squirrel.

This week, the Ginger Boys had the pleasure. I am not certain it is the same squirrel, but it’s the same holly bush, same window, same cat platform… different cats.


He messed with them for quite a while.

It wore Mystery out real bad and he had to go catch a nap with his sister.


(OK, that last was just a gratuitous excuse.)


8 thoughts on “Crusader Squirrel, 2015 Edition

  1. Hahahaha…. squirrels. They are fabulous clowns. And pigeons…. YAY! Sweet fellows. I think they are even sweeter and gentler than quail and quail are darlings.

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