The Size Of It

This came to me sort of second hand via Avaaz (whom I do support with petitions though I haven’t yet budgeted money). I did send the cost of a client session to the UN Refugee office a while back. They say they’re overwhelmed.

You can’t think about this kind of thing 24 hours a day — unless it is your calling or your job, and fortunately that is true of some people. They are pretty amazing people. This is a video some of them made. It gives you a sense of the size of it.

What I can’t shake is how grateful so many of these people seem to be for… a few feet of the deck of a safe boat.


4 thoughts on “The Size Of It

  1. The wife and me, we have signed some Avaaz petitions, however we find them somewhat invasive once you send money. Now, we are more cautious.

    • Yeah, for me, it is just a question of allocation. If I have money it usually goes to animals. I still think of them as untouched by original sin, or whatever crept into the primate mentality around the chimpanzee stage… the meanness that keeps people starting wars and police states.

    • What scares me is that, well, that’s the easy part. Where will all these people go? The sheer logistics of it seem overwhelming. The guy who said “I’ll buy them an island” might not be all that crazy. In Italy, they’re talking about villages losing all their population as the young people go to the city, and fields sitting idle that could be worked by newcomers. But I wonder if anyone has the political will to make anything happen.

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