A Request For The Cantina Band

By now everyone who cares has probably seen this.

The Engineer’s birthday is tolerably close to the release date, so I reckon we have our plans. I’ve never bothered about Star Wars since the contrived happy ending of Return of the Jedi — it was like the way Ilia the Piraeus prostitute in Never on Sunday gave all the Greek tragedies the same upbeat conclusion: “And they all go to the seashore.” But that last frame got even me chokey, it’s a couple hours of good special-effects crap and I’m sure he can catch me up on what plot there is.

Meanwhile I’m stuck humming this other bit of retro from the 1970s — also nothing brilliant, but kind of catchy.


6 thoughts on “A Request For The Cantina Band

      • I remember seeing the movies. I was born in mid-71 so I should be old enough to recall that song.
        Others before me did all the work of digging up such gems as being related to the most infamous hillbillies of all time. Quite closely, too – I have photos of them.

  1. I hadn’t seen it and I admit it has a strong tease factor. I will see it in the theater. I was never a big Star Wars fan because it’s just a bad cowboy movie that, while it combined leading-edge special effects with a perfectly timed market entry, was still just a bad cowboy movie. Whichever episode in which a weak TV actor loses his temper and unbelievably transforms into Darth Vader was the worst of them all. One wonders if George Lucas’ writer persona ever graduated junior high school.

    But movies keep getting better, by and large, and this one has all the hooks, by which I mean the hooks that work on us millions who see movies in huge suburban cineplexes: Mind-altering visuals, ear-smashing sound, and players who can conjure various dramatic expressions. Clearly the success of this film will be helped by the presence in the previews of Mr. Ford and the absence in same of Mr. Hamill.

    The song tickles no memory ganglia, but I tend to avoid country music with the same subconscious energy that keeps me away from vibrating train tracks and restaurants with anything Elvis on the menu.

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