Al Sanders The Great

Sunday mornings the Engineer and I work out together, and spend an amiable quarter hour pedaling the bikes that inevitably face a rank of televisions, at that day and hour infested with talking heads. A banner at the bottom of one screen made it clear that the discussion involved Obama’s announcement that no we’re not leaving Afghanistan just yet, everyone chewing it to death in traditional round-table style, and the closed caption helpfully told us that one participant had just opined:

Obama is running into the same problems that bedeviled Al Sanders the Great.

Hell of a guy, that Sanders. Probably no relationship to Bernie. Just guessin’.


3 thoughts on “Al Sanders The Great

  1. My Greek genes are absolutely outraged. Can’t believe my eyes…and nobody seems to bat an eye…save you and the engineer. Bernie could be flattered but what about the original Macedonian’s manas?

    • Well the Persians called him Iskander and I suspect he didn’t mind that. Maybe he would be good humored about becoming Al Sanders, as long as we made the prostration. I’ll practice.

  2. Afghanistan wasn’t so bad for old Al, he got a wife out of it.

    Not that he had much use for a wife.

    But I’ll warrant for all their Great Gaming, the Brits didn’t do as well — who would have been a better analogy, but these pundits, they punt a lot.

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