How To Be A Good Massage Client (#8, I think, in an occasional series)

If I can smell your cologne on

— your sheets after they come out of the dryer

— the table pad

— my cat after she slipped in and napped on the table

…especially if you’re a guy…

…goddammit, you’re wearing too much.


9 thoughts on “How To Be A Good Massage Client (#8, I think, in an occasional series)

  1. Yeesh. I’m noticing more and more places posting a “no scent” policy…basically asking everyone to not wear anything at all, due to other clients who may have chemical sensitivities. I’m appreciating that kind of blanket “stop it!” more and more as my body becomes increasingly intolerant of the entire world and everyone in it.

    • The last medical doctor I consulted for any reason had that policy, being sensitive herself, and she and I commiserated over the people who say “I know you have a no scent policy so I only put on a little…” I did, I think, once lose a client by asking her through a completely stuffed head not to wear the perfume next time. And she’d been coming for a long while, too; I don’t know why perfume suddenly became important in her life. Oh well.

  2. I almost always hate every scent, but there’s a woman who works on my floor and occasionally I see her… she wears something that smells like toasted marshmallows and it is SO GOOD. I’ll have to ask one of these days what it is!

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