Triple Ginger

Talk to the foot. Taken by the Engineer with his phone yesterday afternoon.

Triple Ginger

That’s Mr. Ferguson snuggled on my arm, and Mystery styling my hair, which is What He Does, with everyone, human or feline. They have become The Ginger Boys, so it figures they would swarm in my direction as soon as I stretched out to relax my leg on a large body pillow.

Triple Ginger Zoom

Perfect bliss.

I didn’t get up for a while.


2 thoughts on “Triple Ginger

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the delight cats take in relaxing and napping on their people, especially arms. Probably they prefer an arm to a leg because an arm is closer to your face. I suspect that my face is really where my cat would like to curl up, if I let her.

    I once read that Edgar Allen Poe was very fond of cats. He usually had several around. If a cat fell asleep on his arm while he was sitting and reading, he would not move, so as not to disturb the cat.

    I remember waking up on my back once, when I was a child, with a small cat or kitten asleep on my stomach.

  2. Writers have to have cats. I’ve always been a little suspicious of writers who kept dogs, who interrupt you and have to be walked, etc. Cats may sleep on you, or even trample on your keyboard, but they generally will let you finish something that you have to get on the paper NOW or lose it; if they have to go, they have a litter box.

    And they keep you humble.

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