Public Works

Yesterday, after the usual warnings, operatives of my county government showed up to seal the asphalt on my street, an undertaking that required I move my car around the corner and warn my clients that they would have to park remotely as well. I spent the afternoon instructing arriving clients to accompany departing clients back to the curb of the main road to transfer the parking pass.

This fairly pedestrian, if that is the right word, alteration in my daily routine seemed like such an adventure that I ended the day feeling faintly… well… exhilarated. I suppose there was a moment of derring-do attached to getting out of the driver’s side on a four-lane divided just below a serious curve — I honestly considered clambering over the transmission hump instead. But… hmmm.

I have often said I longed for a life of delicious boredom, and I finally seem to be managing it. I hope I haven’t taken things too far.


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