Oneiromancy and Proctology

Standing at the kitchen counter, I suddenly recalled only one fleeting fragment of last night’s dream: a high school girl, very Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer, dodging into the restroom while everyone else was in class to apply hemorrhoid cream.

Can anyone parse this for me?


10 thoughts on “Oneiromancy and Proctology

  1. Well, that seems somewhat better than the dream I had, which included an episode in which I had inexplicably decided to air-dry my laundry by laying it flat on a busy downtown sidewalk, and was amazed to see people stealing it.

    • I certainly know one who does (screwing it in tighter all the time) but the Buffy girl had a very thoughtful expression suggesting that she was managing a good many problems (that was what made me think of Buffy) and this was just another one that was commandeering the attention of a fairly mature and responsible mind.

      Fritz Perls says everyone in your dream is you. Maybe there’s something here about pains in the ass. My life has enough. And you’re airing your dirty laundry in public. 🙂 (Of course, then the laundry itself and the thieving passersby are also you, but then the hemorrhoid cream is also me? — I suppose you can extend this conceit past the line of absurdity.)

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