Oh, David, You Bitch!

This is a picture of David Frum. (He’s the one on the left.)


David makes his living by running his mouth. I could find only one picture of him anywhere on the Interwebs that wasn’t either a thoughtful head shot or fully suit-clad. It is possible David has seen the inside of a gym since high school, but really, you couldn’t prove it to look at him.

This is Serena Williams. She is a world-class tennis player (who sometimes goes to the beach).

51385702 Tennis champion Serena Williams shows off her curvy physique in a blue bikini while enjoying the beach with friends on April 16, 2014 in Miami, Florida. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

51385702 Tennis champion Serena Williams shows off her curvy physique in a blue bikini while enjoying the beach with friends on April 16, 2014 in Miami, Florida. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813

David thinks Serena must have won her multiple trophies by using steroids. I don’t know how he knows that, but he knows it, even though, as several commentators have noted, Serena Williams puts up with more drug testing than almost anyone in sports. Other mouth-runners the world around have been quick to support his view, saying that she couldn’t get muscles like that on her own, or that women shouldn’t have muscles like that anyway.

This is a picture of Bev Francis, a spectacular lifter and exhibitor who may have juiced at times in her career, just in case David needs a frame of reference for how muscular a woman can actually get. (Bev, incidentally, never quite got to first place at the Olympia — because one year the judges would say she was too muscular and the next year she would retool her physique and someone would say “not muscular enough.” She was amazingly gracious about it.)

Bev Francis

Up at the top of the page you see me (well, my delts) at the age of nearly sixty, just to round out the frame of reference — not a world-class competitor in anything, just a cranky old lady who hangs out in the gym and has never been closer to a steroid than the ones probably racing through a couple of my clients’ capillaries.

David, you are such a bitch. Will you come arm wrestle me?

I throw up my hands. This is 2015, and we are still looking at the same tired old formula — from one direction, whole squadroons of people from politics to fashion to your Aunt Sally preaching that certain behaviors and traits are “unfeminine,” youllnevergetaman nicegirlsdon’tdothat ewwwwww, and then, inevitably, assorted other bigmouths, or possibly the same ones, reminding everyone that women can’t be equal to men because they’re weaker, less ambitious, you name it.

Not least, people will ridicule women for being preoccupied with their appearance. Wonder where that came from.


11 thoughts on “Oh, David, You Bitch!

  1. Now, I saw the picture of Serena and thought you were going to tell me he thinks she is fat. Never did it occur to me that she is ‘over muscled’. He can go suck a dick.
    Btw, my calves are bigger than they have ever been in my life, and have a division up the back. I look at them and wonder whose legs they are! And my arms? Fuckin’ rocks. I show that shit off every time I can.

  2. How many tennis matches does Serena Williams have to win to prove she’s the best female tennis player of her era, or perhaps of all time? She simply has the genes of an athlete. She has a powerful serve, forehand and backhand. Babe Ruth didn’t take steroids (unless steroids made his gut bigger) and neither does Serena Williams. They’re simply extraordinary athletes. Serena does keep in better shape than the Babe ever did. She undoubtedly practices better nutrition than eating hotdogs between innings. History may show Serna to be as outstanding in her sport as the Babe was in his.

    • I don’t even follow sports, which baffles some people, but I respect ability and, obviously, strength like hers. I think her offense in the eyes of the world’s Frums is that she does what she does without troubling to conform to their idea of how a female athlete “should” look.

  3. Well, at this point all I can say is thank you for the picture of Serena Williams. No concept of criticism enters my mind when confronted with that view.

    I don’t know who Davis Frum is. I’ll easily forget what little I have just learned. But you’ve nailed that he’s just another in the long line of ever-evolving and modern-seeming but atavistic nutbags who would keep people in boxes..

    • He is what is called a “pundit,” of which I have given the definition. When you search on him a speakers bureau appears in the results which will place him on your organization’s podium for a price.

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