Just Chillin’ With My Friend

Mystery and Friend

I’ve been kind of dispirited and fed up lately, and in danger of posting nothing but gripes (people who bring their screaming children to the gym or worse the office where I get my massage goddammit, the idiots down the block last night starting Fourth of July early WHOOPEE) if I post anything at all. But sometimes I turn a corner in my house and see this kind of thing. So I hope people will forgive me for posting cat pictures and adding to the feline overload on the Internet.

Mystery knows where all the big cats like to hang.


6 thoughts on “Just Chillin’ With My Friend

  1. Kitties are my therapy. Cuddle therapy. No loud noises here. Other than us telling Spottie FUCK OFF! as if that is a command to be obeyed.
    He knows what it means. He chooses not to care. He is cat.

  2. You gripe, I gripe, we all gripe… just keep the cats coming. What’s a world without cats? I’ll tell you. A world without cats is a fucked world.

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