Other Cool Videos Of The Week

1. Science Fiction Geek Moment

I owe this one to my follower and followee, Bookshelf Q. Battler, still recovering from his near-fatal encounter with a lightning infused toaster pastry. People, I could have told you: DON’T EAT JUNK FOOD. But do consider this film.

2. Ecumenical Dissonance Moment

I am a bit of an Albigensian myself — at least so far as the vegetarianism, and backdoor Celtic Paganism, and healing by the laying on of hands — so the Pope of Rome and I are unlikely to be good neighbors. But as Popes go, the current one kind of rocks, and this spoof trailer even more so:

Maybe it’s because the Engineer, who passed this on to me, is, well, that kind of Engineer. He wrangles solar panels. I love him because of lots of things [redacted], but not least because he is of that brotherhood that seeks to marry us to the Sun and its eternal grace.

Maybe it’s just my gym rat bloodstream. If only the bones of the earth manifested through flesh and sinew.


3 thoughts on “Other Cool Videos Of The Week

  1. I did laugh at the Pope one – the power of me compels you! Must share that over on the book of faces. Definitely will see The Martian, too.
    Hey, I work for a medical supplies company – I can get you all the sitting donuts you need 🙂

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