Here I am, a sixty-year-old woman who chucks dumbbells around in the back room with the big boys, committed fiction twice with intent, writes passionately about grief and loss, wonks music, phones in advice about aching backs, even posts pictures of cute cats… and the most popular and long-running post/comment thread on this blog is about underpants.

I don’t get the world, but it’s apparently what I have to offer.


6 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Ha! I have some ancient Hanes Her Way that sound similar. I’m trying to find something new here in Ireland, bought 4 pair, decided they were okay, went back for more just a few weeks later… Gone. I never went high street with my jocks, so I’ll just deal.

  2. Tell me about it. Same here. The stats when through the roof of my virtual mud hut when I posted some photos from the fourth of July Venice Beach Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach Competition one year. It was infuriating. 😉

    • Well, I will sheepishly say that I would have run right over to see those. But then that’s my thing, and when I post something about super sets or gym culture I fondly hope I will get readers. For consistency, the cats seem to be the biggest draw. Speaking of which…

  3. Well, I wasn’t really “infuriated”, just mildly irritated … and somewhat amused. I’m pretty sure that most viewers were not that interested in body building. However, given you are, I’ll include the link below but, beyond a doubt and above all, cats rule.

    Venice Beach - Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach Competition 1

    • Good stuff! Though the “ripped” guy in that last photo at the link before your photostream went to other subjects… I never got that… the people who put everything else second to how much bodyfat they can shed. Brr.

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