A Good Dangle

Torvald loves nothing more than a good dangle.

Printer kitty

Click to biggify. Really, you want to.


He spent a bit of the morning dangling from my printer; for variation, he’s out on the porch now, dangling his hind legs off the U-shaped cat tree. He doesn’t really fit entirely on anything, I suppose.

I give him license to dangle from the printer or wherever he wants, for the moment. After his last gritty vet episode he got on for a couple weeks with no obvious signs of distress, so I expected his follow-up appointment — a lab test and another expensive ultrasound — to come up more or less clear. Which it did; the ugly glob that the first ultrasound showed in his bladder was gone, leaving only a scattering of debris. Only an hour after I got him home, he started squatting in all the laundry baskets and peeing blood again.

The vet admitted it was probably the stress of the visit. That didn’t stop the practice from charging me $30 for another round of anti-inflammatories. Business is business. And people ask me why I avoid doctors. Human doctors are not one-tenth as nice or conscientious as my vets, and here we still are.

He seems better today, with one dose of the drug to go. That means only one more episode of rolling him into a Purrito ™ and forcing a pill between the fangs that tried to tear off my face.

And I still love the little bastard.


12 thoughts on “A Good Dangle

  1. I definitely benefited from biggifying the photo. Also: have you ever tried making a suspension out of the pills? You can crush them, mix with water, give using a suspension syringe…it’s much easier than trying to get a pill past teeth and down throat. Also it’s a lot more certain in terms of “Did the cat get the medicine?” Poor Torvald. He’s earned the license to hang.

    • I actually do use syringes a lot, but with Torvald the purrito seems to work best. He hates pills less than syringes (which Mr. Ferguson gets four times a week… on the nights we don’t give Seven hydration… it’s quite the cat clinic hereabouts).

      • I admire your ability to wrap a cat successfully…I’ve never managed it. Mostly I just collapse on top of them and use the suspension syringe, praying loudly to a God I don’t even believe in. It’s a wonder that any of my cats are actually still alive.

        • I never have done a really perfect wrap, but we’ve come close. I keep thinking of James Herriot’s (All Creatures Great and Small) memoirs and his remark that he sometimes overheard his colleagues as he got older: “Old Herriot may be limited in many respects but by God he can wrap a cat.”

          • I was thinking of exactly that same thing! Oh, and that story about the pregnant cat whom he spayed, and who came out of the anesthetic as he was driving her back home, with Tristan as his passenger…”She’s shitting, Jim!”

  2. I biggified, too! He is such a smooth character.
    I’m a master at pilling cats, though Lokii does seems to be all pointy bits sometimes. If I ever have to take him to the vet, I will ask for a housecall ala All Things (yes, they still will do that here) or get him a kitty-downer first. He has a lot of fear or the unknown, poor stupid boy.

  3. I biggified too. Made me very glad I’m not a mouse or other warm-blooded hors d’oeuvre.

    Our cat, who vaguely resembles Torvald and is named Toya, doesn’t seem to dangle. Mostly he occupies the center of the lane and watches vehicles large and small carefully pick their way around him, or stalks a neighbor’s driveway against the appearance of other male cats, to whom he sings love songs, if by love we mean eating their dinner.

    • EEK! you let him sit out in the road?

      I had a male cat once who liked to mount my other male cat. But then, the sub had had the operation for bladder stone that is essentially a sex change, and he WAS pink.

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