I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Understand That

The Cute Engineer got a smartphone. I remember asking him a couple of times if he was going to get Cat Selfie, and Mystery, the least mysterious cat in the world, must have tuned into that somehow because the other morning when the phone was lying screen up on my blotter Mystery hopped right up there.

“Meow?” quoth he melodiously and at some length. Mystery is a large, very talkative cat, one of those who utters sequentially in an inflected way that suggests human speech.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that,” came a robot voice from nowhere.

“What the fuck?” said I, nowhere near as gracious as a cat.

Mystery, being large

Mystery, being large

“Mrrreoowrrroww,” said Mystery.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that,” said the robot lady again.

“He’s turned on voice activation,” said the Engineer.

We probably should have given him a little more time. Or not. God knows what he would have put on the calendar.


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