Never Call Your Cat A Dick

Or he will start having trouble with the one he owns. I think maybe. I am not sure of the role synchronicity plays in such events but conclude I should err on the side of caution.

We had a couple of large pieces of furniture leaving the house by the cellar door, so Torvald, who is usually confined there when he needs to be behind a door, had to come up to my room with his box and his buddy Aggie. I was showering and towelling when I noticed him getting into the box for a second and third time in ten minutes. This is never good, so I tottered over in my towel and knelt down to peer owlishly at what he had left, which was a squirt of something about the color of raspberry juice.

This is the sort of thing that always happens when you have strangers in the house, no clothes on (the Engineer was supervising) and a client on the way.

The client was a peach. She insisted on rescheduling and driving home so I could get the kitty to the clinic. Three days and a painful Visa bill later (before indemnification; I actually have insurance on my cats, which makes me ashamed sometimes when I think that people in this country still don’t have medical coverage), what we know is that there is a large glob in his bladder that appears to be a blood clot gummed onto a bladder stone, but both may break up, if we can give it time and get a painkiller into him for three evenings running. Do we remember that this is the cat that nearly bit my face off?

But amazingly, he is being the sweetest little creampuff ever. The vet’s discharge notes even say “Torvald was very good for his ultrasound.” Here I was warning everyone at the clinic to wear their hockey masks. Every time he sees me he throws himself to the floor and rolls about, inviting a chest rub. This morning he assisted me with the laundry, at one point assuming his famed Swastikat Pose.

Swastikat II

It looks awkward, but it’s how he relaxes.

Either a day at the vet, being fluid-infused, injected, ultrasounded and urine-sampled, gave him a kinky taste for human attention, or made him appreciate the joys of life at home. Not sure which.

News as I get it.




23 thoughts on “Never Call Your Cat A Dick

  1. Poor boy must feel pretty rotten. He looks so cute laying like that, though! I hope the clot and stone break up and he returns to good health soon!

  2. All of my cats were adorable again after a stay at the clinic. Feeling good again, associated with the fact I did something to get them feel better, is what I like to think as the reason, but I’m not sure how good they are at associating us getting them to the clinic and feeling better together, or if they even remember having been bad right before their visit there.

    Tigra is the one with bladder problem here. She had three stays at the clinic because of that so far. The vet insists that she needs to eat the special food that they sell for that purpose (at thrice the price of the regular one). The price is not the issue, and it must taste good because the two other cats like that food, but Tigra refuses to eat it, at all. At first, mixing it with other food worked, but not for very long. My only assumption is that there is an ingredient in there which she is sensitive to.

    The root of her problem is that she doesn’t drink enough water. With time, dedication and patience, I found something that seems to work. All three cats eat their regular dry food in the morning, because they need all of their nutrients. But the evening meal is always canned food (not as nutritive, thus the dry food in the morning – vet says canned food is like McDonald’s, it tastes really good but is not very healthy, which I agree with). The canned food forces her to ingest quite a large portion of liquid.

    The other solution looks goofy, but works. While I had noticed she would almost never drink from the water fountain with the other cats, I noticed she liked to drink from my own glass of water, from the water left in the corners of the tube after a shower, even from an aquarium which is lower and which she has (illegal) access to. At some point, I decided to leave a glass of water on the kitchen counter, and encouraged her to get there for a few days. Eventually, she got the message, and she always drinks there now. When she feels thirsty, usually soon after the dry food meal, I see her climb to the counter and reach for the glass, and she drinks from there.

    These two tricks worked for her, so far. She haven’t have any bladder issue in an entire year (her visits to the clinic were 3 to 6 months apart).

    Definitely not claiming these solutions might possibly work for another cat, but stating that with patience and dedication it’s always possible to find a solution. Cats aren’t dogs, they won’t consume something just because you want them too.

    Hope things get better for Torvald!

    • So far, he’s doing well. He’s not interested in drinking from people’s glasses — a shame, because a couple of the cats here are! Only they don’t need it like he does. He does like “office water” (the bowl in my business office where I sometimes have to lock up cats) and “porch water” out on the screened veranda, so I keep those dishes freshly filled.

      I wonder if they just aren’t happy to be back from the scary place, when they act so good returning from the vet…

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