Intellectual Property

If you have really been reading this blog for a long time, you know that I love science fiction — the only thing I remember reading before a raft of juvenile SF titles was a biography of Marie Curie and another of Joan of Arc, which could explain a lot about me.

And you know that I have a special bump of horrified fascination for the lyric dystopias of Philip K. Dick.

Possibly it’s for that very reason that I never sat down to watch Blade Runner, or Total Recall. For one thing, what was wrong with the original titles? That matter alone was practically a black-bordered warning label that Hollywood was going to get Phil Dick wrong.

But this. This. Just watch it, if you are that kind of person and have an hour. If it grabs you, switch to the Amazon video page so  you can vote it up at the end. I have to see what they do with this.

(If YouTube — which was just easier to embed — takes this down over some intellectual property issue, just get straight to Amazon while the pilot is still up there for free.)

The sets alone have reduced me to rubble. That is a vision of the world that was slipping away as I was growing into awareness, the midcentury world that Dick inhabited, and to see it recreated with such perfect clarity softens the ground under my feet, as if that world is coming back with a persistent undertow to claim me. Depending on your age, your mileage will vary. But since watching it last night, I feel, like almost all of Dick’s characters, as if the world is fluid and sliding on mudslicks of regression and entropy.

Good stuff.


5 thoughts on “Intellectual Property

  1. Only got about half way before it was too laggy to watch. But I’m FASCINATED. I just got done reading The Variable Man and Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said. So I’m very much in Dick’s mindset at the moment! Looks fantastic.

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