A Break For Random Weirdness

I was cleaning and putting away the Cute Engineer’s baking supplies in my kitchen — yes, he is an engineer who bakes (it’s heat transfer physics, after all) and yes, he moved in — and came across a Proctor Silex brand spice grinder, and I remembered that when I was a teenager and first heard the term “proctor,” that is, someone who watches over students taking an exam, I immediately conflated it with “proctologist,” and had a picture of a grimly leering individual who observed you with an eagle eye and inflicted something like a punitive enema if you were caught cheating.

Am I depraved?

(For the record, I have never cheated on an exam.)



11 thoughts on “A Break For Random Weirdness

  1. His flamingo, his giraffe, his computer, his basket, his USS-Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter, and my guys. Just one of many parts of my house which currently look like the strike of a prop-heavy theater production.

    • I’m too exhausted to feel invaded. There is definitely a lot of CRAP in my house, but it’s at least resolving into storage categories. At the end I think CE was just packing by opening a box and flinging in what was in front of him. Cat dishes with caulking guns. There is a tale about the vacating of his house by all members of the ebbing group household but it is almost too horrid to describe.

  2. I approve of cohabitation, but my style differs a little bit. A year ago my partner and I moved together into the same house along with four of her six children. They’re good kids, but I suspect “good kids” sounds to you like “non-lethal tarantulas”.

    • It depends on the age. If they’ve stopped screaming at the tops of their lungs I’ll stipulate wolf spiders. (Well, I actually like spiders. But something nonpoisonous anyway.)

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