Sigh. Another Reason To Hate Pink Ribbon Month.

Because now the dirty energy industry can proudly say it’s making people “aware” of breast cancer.

“Our hope is from the water cooler to the rig site to the coffee shop to everywhere, someone gets this information to their spouses, their girlfriends, their daughters so we can create awareness and end this disease forever,” said Bill Debo, director of operations for U.S. land drill bits at Baker Hughes.

I don’t know what alternate reality is inhabited by a guy who thinks that it takes a guy who’s seen a pink drill bit to enlighten the women in his life on this subject. It does take “mansplaining” to a whole new level of creative idiocy.

Never mind that the Komen Foundation, the mother lode of the ubiquitous pink things, has made the issue of women’s cancers into a travesty by allowing any and all products, however carcinogenic — cosmetics teeming with xeno-estrogens, or water in BPA-laden bottles, for example — to adorn themselves with that saintly little twist of pink that says the manufacturer is donating a few cents per purchase to “research” and “awareness,” while doing adorable things like trying to off-load Planned Parenthood and utterly ignoring the role of medical, commercial and environmental hormone mimics in triggering cancer.

The fastest way you can make me put your product back on the shelf is to stick a pink ribbon on it.


13 thoughts on “Sigh. Another Reason To Hate Pink Ribbon Month.

  1. While I am very aware of the illness, I’m totally against all the marketing around the red ribbon thing. Year after year, our company continues to put red ribbon stuff in October, although none of these items ever sell. They are put in the backstore at the end of October and usually thrown away in April during the annual cleanup.

    If I want to make a donation, I’ll send them money myself. Buying stuff so that 15¢ is donated for me is ridiculous.

  2. It’s a blue ribbon for colon and anal cancer, which is apparently way “unsexier” than boob cancer. Anyhow, except for certain flowers and sunsets, don’t much care for pink.

    • I hear ya — the only reason I think the pink ribbon stuff has so much traction is that it gives people a reason to talk about boobies, boobies, boobies!!!!

      I remember Audre Lorde saying something like, women who had had mastectomies ought to march bare chested into the US Capitol to demand legal resistance to pollution and toxic medicine. It does suggest an interesting mass action for colorectal cancers.

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