It’s late, I’m tired, and I decided to have a surf over music videos before going to bed, but I had to smack myself robustly to make sure I had not already nodded off and started to hallucinate.

I think it’s the gingham and the “lonely goatherd” lederhosen that still have me pulling weird facial expressions. The kid didn’t do a bad job, though.

Chatter on YouTube indicates he is currently a bass. I can’t wait for Sarastro.


4 thoughts on “Surreality

  1. Wow!! So it’s a bass? There’s something I don’t understand about music, as nothing from the video was passed through my subwoofer lol

    In a couple of years, this little boy will loose his ability, unless he gets neutered lol

  2. I have seen that video before, and it really is quite amazing…also amazing how voices change. I still regret the loss of the glass-shattering high C I had when I was an innocent lad besotted with opera; now I can’t sing along with the really fun parts, as I used to do. And no more Allegri Miserere, dammit.

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