Gratuitous Cat Photos (May Require Glucophage)

It’s been the kind of month where, when I have a few minutes and brain cells to spare, all I want to do is snuggle my cats. I thought I would share Mr. and Mrs. Nickel Catmium-Ferguson in what has become their marriage bed (don’t worry, nothing rude). I think it’s really intended for one cat, making them into sort of a wholesome furry Cat Blivet..






Which one best merits inclusion in the Catma Sutra?


9 thoughts on “Gratuitous Cat Photos (May Require Glucophage)

  1. Ah! Nice pictures! I love these cute cat behaviors! I really love to see two of my cats sleeping together in a small place too.

    I couldn’t figure the connection between these pictures and a drug for diabetes, though…

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