Richard Attenborough

Dear Lord, this is where I came in.

Ninety years is a decent run, but it is still good form to doff one’s hat and face stoutly into the wind when a giant passes.

Good night.


4 thoughts on “Richard Attenborough

    • Another film I loved. I was just old enough to appreciate it when it was released. When I found it on DVD a few years ago I couldn’t see the credits for tears, it was just so damn well done — even given that this was the era when German soldiers in the movies all talked with a Proosian accent instead of just speaking in German with subtitles.

      • It is a great movie, even with Steve McQueen in it.

        If you are interested in reading the story behind it, I’d suggest The Great Escape by Paul Brickhill, who was in the camp and intimately involved in the escape. Also try Exemplary Justice, which was written in the 1970s. Apparently after the executions the British Parliament demanded “exemplary justice” which meant that there were separate police and courts set up to find and try the guilty parties. The last arrest actually took place in the 70s. It’s a depressing but interesting revision (and probably more credible) of what actually happened.

        Even more interesting and depressing is The Real Great Escape which just came out a few years ago. It’s part bio of Roger and part account of the escape and is probably the most credible of all the accounts because it makes use of documents that had been in Russian hands (the camp was in what is now Poland) and also the German court martial records of the camp commandant, etc. The first half is a great read but skip the second half which is over detailed accounts of each prisoner’s activities after leaving the tunnel up to and including execution.

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