First GM, Now This

I have only ever been involved in one product recall before, and it was for a mechanism called the igniter on Melissa, my old and wonderful Civic Wagon, which by the time the recall was issued had already crapped out expensively on the apron of the swimming-pool parking lot.

This one was different.

Bubble Knob

Yes, as the .pdf at the link will explain, this glass drawer pull has the potential to shear off and take with it a bit of your fingertip, god forbid, considering my occupation, I have two of them in service and another spare in the drawer, or anyway had until I got the notice and restored the drab old wooden pulls that came with the desk . I like things that reflect and refract. My windows are full of crystals and my sun porch is spangled with colored glass vases and candleholders, and my drawers (no jokes please) were similarly ornamented until this evening.

I guess I’m glad one commercial chain is looking out for its customers.


4 thoughts on “First GM, Now This

  1. Unfortunately, the further link at the web page providing additional information did not work for me.

    You were wise to remove the offending items. A year ago I was carrying grandchildren’s toys past an innocuous-looking plate-glass cover on a chest of drawers that cut deep into the knuckle of my right middle finger. It took months to heal because it opened up on every slight bending of the finger and is still uncomfortably sore. Worst of all is the permanent cosmetic damage that bears resemblance to a cauliflower ear, a constant reminder whenever I write anything.

    I just thought you’d like to know………

    (The sacrifices of grandparenthood)

    • See, Richard, you’re just reinforcing my childfree perspective.

      There was nothing much at the link except a slightly more formal statement of the case, with photos of each and every color of the glass knob.

      Cuts on my hands are a special misery because I’m wringing people out all day. I once shut my finger in a car door (it’s on this blog somewhere) and had to work in nitrile gloves for several days. The clients were good about it but it gave a sort of CSI cachet to the studio.

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