Crusader Squirrel — LIVE ACTION!

Well sort of.

I had a few tries with this. This is the one in which Aggie was least, ahem, “helpful.”

Clearly he has found the place to chill for the rest of the summer. And she has found her daily source of entertainment.


5 thoughts on “Crusader Squirrel — LIVE ACTION!

  1. Hi Sled! Do you really see that squirrel everyday? It’s just too cool! A squirrel is a pet I’d love to have, but it’s very unlikely I will ever get that chance. But you almost have it as a pet apparently!

    I know I’m not much around my fellow bloggers now. It’s summer, and summer is so short here, I don’t want to waste too much of it. I’ll try to catch up later though!

    Happy 4th of July my friend 🙂

    • Thank you! (I usually hide indoors from fireworks actually.)

      Squirrel is around about two days out of three. There’s a book called “A Squirrel of One’s Own” by a guy in FL who actually adopted a squirrel — she wasn’t a success in the house though, but she stayed in the yard and ate nuts from his hand always.

  2. Cheeky fat bugger! I love watching a cat when they are watching “Kitty TV.” We fed the grey squirrels out the sliding glass door in Florida – had a big live oak tree right off the patio and they nested there. I would sit patiently with a peanut held in my fingers and the door open a crack, until they got brave enough to take the nut from me. They LOVED to tease the cats, too, and understood well what a window meant (safety). Eventually they got so brave they’d climb the screen door chattering for food!

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